Party star mini keg tap for growlers

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Jul 21, 2014
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Hey everyone. So if you've ever had the problem of buying a growler and having the beer go stale or flat on you from opening a couple times before finishing the beer this is for you. You can repurpose the party star mini keg tap for growler use pretty easily. All you need is a drilled bung stopper (#6) for 1 gallon jugs and a short piece of 3/8" tubing. They do sell commercial "growler savers" but if you have a party star tap laying around its worth repurposing for around $5 instead of shelling out another $40.

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All you need to do is take the party star dip tube and stick it through the hole in the stopper (this is a little tough to do but you can use water or keg lube to help, or bore out the hole a little). The tubing can then be fitted to the bottom of the dip tube of it does not reach the bottom of the growler. I found that high temp tubing works the best because it stretches a bit more than standard tubing. 1/2" May work better but I don't have any on hand to test it with.

When pouring support the tap with your hand so it does not pop out.

One thing to keep in mind is that glass growlers will burst with enough pressure so make sure to turn the CO2 on only when you are pouring otherwise you risk bursting the growler. The CO2 inside should help to keep the beer from oxidizing and keep it from going flat so quick. Hope this works for you guys. Cheers!

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