partial mash came out to 1.031

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Sep 27, 2008
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so..... here is my recipe.

.375 lbs. American Caramel 20°L info
1.75 lbs. American 2-row info
.1875 lbs. Roasted Barley info
4.75 lbs. Muntons Dry Extra Light info
1 oz cascade boiled 60 min
1oz perle boiled 30 min
1 oz cascade boiled 15min
1 oz perle steeped 10 min

Yeast : WYeast 1084 Irish Ale info

i was shooting for 1.051 i think i didnt mash very well. i mashed at 160 for 45 min but about 25 min into it it got up to about 170 cause i want paying close attention. would this have halted starch conversion?

is there any way i can add more sugars with out messing it all up? or should i just let it do its thing and have a hopped out 3%abv red ale?
I had a similar prblem with my partial mash wtih a bad thermometer. That batch is still in the primary now. It is a wit and should have had an OG of 1.047-49. and it was only 1.039 or so. I was asking the same questions. some say you coul do a concentrated boil of a new wort and add it to you fermenter when the temps are the same. Others have said doig the same thing with dextrose. I never found out when would be the best time to do it or how much to add or any of that. maybe someone who knows better than I can assist us both.:mug:
Assuming you're making a 5g batch, you would get 1.041 from the extract alone, and the mash would have been mostly done by the 25 minute mark, so the overheating wouldn't have made much (if any) difference.
I would suspect that your gravity was really OK, but you didn't stir well enough when you added the top up water.


I have a srirring aerator that you use with a drill so I know mine was mixed thoroughly. But as far as galaxy glass are you sure your hydrometer was acurrate did use correct for temp?
idk exactly what happened but i mixed my top off water in real good and took 2 seperate readings ( mixing in between) to make sure i wasn't just measuring top off water. today is 3 days after brew day and i took anonther reading and its down to 1.010. im just wondering if its a good idea to try and add some honey or maybe some boiled chilled malt extract.
alright well to follow up. the beer is fine. it had a strange smell i hadn't smelled before but it tasted great so i bottled it, it carbed up real nice, some of the best head retention ive ever gotten. and it tastes good.and i think its got a reasonable alcohol content as well. at least it seems like i have a good buz going lol.

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