Partial Mash Belgian Ale, what do you think?

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Jan 26, 2006
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So my next batch is going to be a Partial Mash Belgian Ale. I've already picked up my ingredients, I'm just waiting for my MT to come and my next batch to be bottled.

I know that this is a bit of a bastardized Belgian...

I have:

3.3 lbs Muntons Liquid Extra Light DME
5 lbs 2 Row
1/2 lb Belgian Cara pils
1/2 lb Belgian Pale
1 lb Honey
1 oz Styrian Goldings
1 oz Saaz
1/2 oz Styrian Goldings
Safbrew 58 Dry Yeast

I'll mash in 3 gallons of water in my MT at 155 for 60 minutes and then sparge in the kettle for 10 minutes. Honey at 15 minutes before flame out.

Does this sound pretty good?

Looks good to me! (That's generally what no responses means. ;) )

The only problem I can foresee is your choice of yeast. While I have no direct experience with T-58, many brewers here on HBT don't have a very high opinion of it in Belgian ales.