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ol noodler

Jan 22, 2008
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so i got this project goin on here--
at the farmer's market here in hilo, hawaii papayas are pretty ridiculously cheap-- like six of em for a buck, and i always loved the cider and other boozy-juice drinks, and i figured hell, lets give it a go.
with this new industrial-like strength juicer i just recently came across, i juiced up a hundred and twenty of these papayas (that's only twenty bucks!).
so of course there were things i didn't see comin.. what came out of the juicer was more a pulp than a juice, almost like a apple sauce but bright orange. i got a six and a half gallon carboy up with about three gallons of this paste and figured oh i'll just throw some water in it.
of course this paste is less dense than water and floats on it, resulting in me having three gallons of golden-murky water covered in three gallons of this paste.
but i did stir it all in when i first but the water in and then added some yeast and some extra corn sugar, and sure enough it is bubblin up good, and if the fruit flies and the odor of it don't kill me in a coupla weeks im gonna go ahead and mix it up again and bottlem up.
but hey if anyone has any ideas relating to any aspect of this (mainly getting the pulp to mix with the water) or anything else it would be good to hear. haven't heard of papaya booze before.. maybe this is why..
thanks much :mug:
I would think that if you stirred it up nicely you shouldn't worry about getting the pulp to mix in. The yeast will find its own way to the goods. Once they start multiplying they'll be everywhere in there.

All of that stuff will start to drop to the bottom after the main fermentation is done.

You said, "in a coupla weeks im gonna go ahead and mix it up again and bottlem up."
That doesn't sound like a very good idea. First because your ferment is not going to be done at that time. Unless you plan on killing the yeast somehow you'll have a bunch of papaya bombs.

Second, "mix it up"? No offense but yuck! I would think you'd want to rack off of the goop that's going to drop to the bottom. Probably many times.
I'd treat this like a banana wine or something similar. Basically rack every once in a while off of the lees etc and keep it around for at least a year before even thinking of bottling it.

It sounds like it would be really good with a nice color after a year or two but two weeks!? Blargh!

Should we assume you've got an airlock on this or does the comment about the smell and flies foretell something bad about this situation?
whew so a few things--
yeah the shakin i'd imagin'd be a bad idea, but the plan was to mix up some of the pulp to kinda dissolve into the water, as the division between water and pulp is so strict. the water underneath is still about perfectly clear as of now. i guess though in a little bit it'll spread, eh? but the plan was then just to add some more started yeast.. not sure about how good of an idea that is, if anyone knows the downsides of adding more yeast after oxygen gets to the old stuff it'd be much appreciated.
whoa so it would've been good to know about this depectinizer earlier.. would you know if it is fine to put in now after it's been in the jug a few days?
thank you guys for the input, i was really takin a kinda shot in the dark
It shouldn't be a big deal about the pectin. Adding the enzyme will help to clear it in the short run. Possibly you could add it later if it remains really cloudy and that bothers you.
I think it might also change pectin into sugars...? maybe not...

As far as I know you should be able to add it at any time though someone else might chime in if that's wrong.
I've seen lorrikeets get incapable straight off without going through all the questions of ferment and how to. They must know something.