Paintball Co2 to regulator connection

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Jan 3, 2018
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Feel pretty crazy here, dunno what's up

I have this:

and a 20oz paintball co2 tank. This is for my mobile 2.5 corney setup.

When I connect the reg to the filled CO2 tank, nothing happens. No gas dispensed, no gauge movement.

I tested the pin valve on the Co2 tank (closed the chuck on my drill press all the way and used it to press the pin) and its does dispense Co2, but it seems to need a specific amount of displacement (not too much, not too little)

I measured the regulator and the pin depressor is the correct depth to come into contact with the pin and depress it at least somewhat, though maybe not the correct amount.

It could be that the Co2 pin valve is faulty/weird or it could be that the dimensions of the regulator are off.

Anybody have experience with the issue or know of workarounds?