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Jan 27, 2014
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I had foam coming out airlock on plastic bucket.so I moved the beer into a glass carboy it continued to bubble for two days and has pretty much stopped . Do you think that I could of oxygenated my beer?
How many days was it fermenting in the bucket?
Did you take any gravity reading?
What kind of beer are you making?
1 day and I did take a reading it was 114 and I'm brewing a nut brown ale
I would ask next time or find out somehow before taking action. What you needed to do was to put a tube in the hole and put a sanitized jar soloution at the end of the tube which is a blow off tube so the foam can keep coming out of it and not build up too much pressure or blow your airlock off. If your gravity was at 1.014 then it is more than half way finished or close to being done, I don't know what happens when one would transfer this early but pretty shure it will effect the beer somehow if just dumped in the carboy.

Did you just dump it in with a funnel or did you rack it?, if you racked it it probably is ok and chances are that a lot of the co2 was in it maybe preventing oxygen from getting to it. It ususally only takes a few days for an ale to ferment mostly or most of the way.But doesn't mean its done or anything yet. I would just ride it out and give it a few weeks then bottle it.
You may be lucky as what you are explaining is basically this http://northernbrewer.blogspot.co.nz/2010/05/double-drop-fermentation.html What yeast did you use? In a nut brown the oxidation could provide a positive, if you can then I would brew another batch but use a blowoff tube as described by jonmohno to compare, you may find you prefer the first batch. It wasn't ideal to transfer it so late if it was already down to 1.014 but as long as the yeast is still actively fermenting it shouldn't ruin the batch. It may be worth drinking sooner rather than later though so the oxidation doesn't get too pronounced, save a few bottles back to compare if you do rebrew, I certainly wouldn't worry about it yet though.
I transferred by the spigot down the side of the bottle and the 114 reading was the first reading
I transferred by the spigot down the side of the bottle and the 114 reading was the first reading

Not the best solution. You probably did oxygebate your beer. AT this point just ride it out and see what happens.

One thing you will figure about HBT is if you have a problem, just ask and the answer will appear very quickly.

BTW your reading makes no sense.
I don't think your reading your hydrometer right or typing it right. If your saying 1.140 gravity that is very high.It was your Origional wort gravity? Maybe your saying 1.40 for and original gravity (O.G.) ? All said and what happened, I would try not to worry about it and carry on and bottle it in a few weeks. Then try a bottle after carbing it a few weeks then in a few more if its really good I would refrigerate them and drink them sooner than later, that is after they are full carbed and taste good by then, if not keep trying them each week to see if they get better. And make shure you don't overcarb when you go to bottle, make shure you have the right amount of priming sugar for the right amount of actual volume you have in the bottle bucket. Its a common mistake Ive had in the past and overcarbonated beer doesn't exactly make your beer so good it kind of contributes to that oxidized taste somehow.
I followed all the direction during the brewing process. Put the wort in a 5 gallon bucket cooled it added the yeast took the reading which was114 put the lid on it with the airlock.when I woke up the airlock and the whole top of the bucket was full of foam.so I transferred it to my carboy by using the spigot on the bucket not allowing it to splash much reinstalled airlock after cleaning it. It foamed up again for I day and the next day very little bubbling out of the airlock.so my question was did I ruin the beer. Hope that clears up any confusion