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Jan 19, 2021
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I'm making my first mead (with Lalvin EC 1118) and I have a few questions about the aeration of the must:
I read that it was best for the yeast to aerate it at the start of the fermentation to avoid stressing it too much and produce off flavours.
My question is: until when is it good and when do i need to stop aerating? (I stopped on the 3rd day to be sure)
Am I allowed to make a few measurements (for instance twice a week) with my hydrometer as long as i avoid bringing oxygen in the must? From what I've understood, this is ok (its almost the same as degassing, except i use a hydrometer instead of a long spoon/...) if i stir gently enough?
Thanks for helping me on this journey!

A Belgian Kid ( 18+ ofc :) )
I stop aerating at 1/3 sugar break and stir gently to suspend the yeast to 2/3 break.

Opening and checking periodically is just fine as long as your still fermenting a bit. The CO2 produced will quickly blanket the mesd once closed again. Limiting the oxygen potential.

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