Oxidation and Canister Filtering

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Jan 7, 2019
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I kept getting dinged for oxidation by judges and could not identify how this was occurring. Yesterday, I transferred 12.4 gallons from three primary kegs used for fermentation to three secondary kegs. When I setup my canister filter (5 micron) I realized that canister was likely the only source for oxidation in my process. I assembled the canister with the filter and then flushed the entire unit with CO2 before transferring the Doppelbock (actually it will become an Eisbock after an extended lagering time). Hopefully this solves my oxidation issue and opens peoples eyes when using canister filters.


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Jun 4, 2017
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I’d wondered the same when kegging from my unitank. I haven’t had oxidation that I know of, but I’m not screwing competitions.

What I have started to do is orient my canister more vertically, or at least diagonally. I use a 90 degree elbow.

My process is to just purge it with beer. Don’t know if my process is flawed, but it’s what I do. I basically bring a glass with me and fill the glass through the beer lines. I assuming any beer left in the canister has pushed the oxygen out. I then quickly connect it to the keg with no bubbles.