Oregon Red Raspberry Puree?

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Jul 9, 2010
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Central FL
So this is going to sound like a really stupid question, but hey... it is a Beginners' forum, right?

How runny is Oregon Red Raspberry Puree? In particular, will it run through a kind of narrow funnel into my carboy or am I going to spend the next three months putting it in a teaspoon at a time? I don't want to open the can on brew day and say "Oops". Forewarned is forarmed :)

My plan is a Raspberry Wheat, and I would rather use real fruit than a raspberry flavoring, unless those with more experience than me (i.e. almost any of you) say otherwise. The objection to flavoring is that one of the reasons I like to brew my own beer (aside from the obvious "it's SO MUCH BETTER than anything I can get in a store") is I know what's in it. While I'm asking simple questions, is a 3lb can enough in a 5 gallon brew to get a decent Raspberry flavor? Based on my searches of the forum, I believe so.

In my defense, this concoction isn't for me. EVERY WOMAN IN MY LIFE (including SWMBO) has asked for a Raspberry beer, and given that I've turned our spare bathroom into a brewery, it seems like the least I can do.



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Jan 28, 2010
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I used 1 can of Oregon peach puree in a cream ale I did. My puree was like water almost. I did it in secondary. When the beer was green, it had a slight aroma of peaches, but no peach flavor. I currently have a batch of honey raspberry/blackberry (30 ozes added at flame out) in my primary, which hasn't taken off yet. If I was to do puree again, I would do 2 cans. I had such high hopes for my peaches and cream ale but it turned out somewhat disappointing, and after a long bottling stage, has no peach aroma or flavor.

Good luck!

Edit: So to answer your question, no you should be able to funnel it in just fine.