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The elves of the HomeBrewTalk workshop have been hard at work this season making all the new gear that can be found in the store.

Impressive yes?
With the holiday season here, and Christmas is right around the corner, now is the best time to show your support of HomeBrewTalk. I'm just one man taking orders and shipping, so if you order now I won't be stuck in line till New Years!
First up we have the HomeBrewTalk shirts. Soft, fashionable, wearable, these won't sit in your closet like a lot of other screen printed shirts.

Order yours from the Store
Next up in the shop is the 64 oz HomeBrewTalk growler. I have a one of these myself and I love it. Transporting homebrew can be tedious at times, but this growler allows you to carry 64 oz of your beer and shows your support of the community. Heading out to a Christmas party? This growler lets you carry your beer, and gives you the chance to have an awesome conversation on homebrewing, hopefully bringing someone else into the obsession.

Want one of these? Find them in the Store!
Here we have the Rio Vista. A classic beer shirt design, and a snazzy one at that, these shirts like the HomeBrewTalk shirts were selected based on their comfort, and wear-ability. Just a cool shirt all around, these are available in extremely limited numbers, so don't delay in ordering this shirt now.

The Rio Vista, found in... the Store!
We of course are still offering the supporting membership which decals upon request. If you would like to gift a supporting membership to a brewer who made a difference in your brewing this year, please follow this link for complete directions on doing so. I also have directions on shipping any of the items in the store to a member or address not your own.
From everyone at HomeBrewTalk we want to wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season. Merry Christmas guys!
Happy holidays to everyone on HBT. You've truly made a positive impact on a hobby my family loves to enjoy.
I get really happy when I read things like that. Thank you!

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