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Nov 17, 2013
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Round Rock
I am going to try and get the honey from my LHBS. I figured they would have a good quality honey, specifically for brewing.
All they're likely to have is clover honey and there's no guarantee that it won't have tons of additives and other crap. Better to find an unfiltered, unpasteurized honey so that you know it's not been messed with. And yes, local is better.

So if the later the addition the better for the honey, lets say I add it as fermentation dies down or even at secondary, do I just dump the honey in "as is" or do I need to try and get the specific gravity of the honey closer to the SG of the beer?
You will probably want to add it at secondary and you don't really want to do anything to it. Your SG is going to be bumped up, but probably not by much.