Only 2 days of fermenting?

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Jan 28, 2008
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I've a extract plus grain stout kit, that I've added some chocolate too, in an attempt to make a chocolate stout. It's only been in my fermenting bucket for two days and it's no longer producing bubbles. While making it, we sort of forgot to add the malto dextrine when it said to, so we added it a bit late and then let the wort boil for 1 hour 30 minutes as apposed to the 1 hour the recipe called for. Other then that everything was done as instructed. Should I worry that after two days there is no more bubbling? If I open the fermentor now, and the gravity is off, can I close it up and let it continue? I should also add that the OG was 60 when the recipe said it should have been 50. Didn't know how to fix that so I just let it be.
Let it be. Just because you can't "see" anything doesn't mean it's done. Wait a ful week, take some readings and go from there.
Leave it for at least a week before taking a reading. Extending the boil changed your hop utilization that's about all. Bubbling airlocks are not a good way to judge fermentation, only your hydrometer can do that
airlock activity means nothing. some big brews take 2 weeks in primary and never blow 1 bubble due to a leak somewhere.

2 days of airlock activity sounds like the norm to me. doesn't mean its ready to rack. minimum is 1 week in primary. Always.