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Mar 28, 2005
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are leaf hops the same as whole. I saw them on austin homebrew supply and was just curious. Also, is it the same ratio for whole hops to pellet when following a recipe?

Hope i am not asking too many questions, this website is really beneficial and kicks ass!

Whole hops is really short for whole leaf hops so "leaf" and "whole" mean the basicly same thing. Unless the "leaf" hops have had the leaves of the cones seperated in some way.

You might find that you get less flavor out of whole hops vs pellet hops simply due to the amount of surface area and the fact that many of the lupin glands in pellet hops ahve been broken open.

This aspect of pellet hops is good for flavor/bittering/etc but on the other hand, it does also mean that the hops can lose their freshness a little faster

i am just starting to use fresh hops and partial mash batches. I cant believe how many variable there are. But i know that my beer will be better in the long run, and that is what i'm in this for "the beer"!!!!!!!