Old Perlick Faucet Cleaning

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Feb 8, 2006
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Milwaukee, WI
I recently acquired an old Perlick draft tower with faucet. Upon disassembly of the faucet I am finding it to be excessively dirty.

What are my chances of successfully adequately cleaning this, and how should I go about this.

Right now the stainless components are in an ammonia bath. I think I'll probably move them into a nitric acid wash, scrub them and then replace the gaskets. Is this a hopeless cause?
I'd soak them in Oxyclean, that'll get rid of most anything.

Scratch that, they're trash. I'll PM you my address for proper disposal... :D
Unless the stainless (they are stainless?) is scored or damaged you should be fine. Future cleaning I'd recommend PBW which is stainless friendly and designed for this work.
The Bird has no clue how to dispose of them properly. On the other had I am the Official Disposal Authority on used faucets. Please send them to me for Government approved disposal. :)

Used Faucet Disposal Unit
1060 West Addison
Chicago, IL 60613

I am sure they will clean up just fine!