Old Foghorn Clone Recipe: Which is closest to real thing?

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May 29, 2017
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Based on internet research, it appears that there is very little agreement on Old Foghorn's grain bill. Below are listed three fairly reliable recipe sources and they do not agree on whether to use Crystal 40, Crystal 60 or Crystal 80.

C40: Anchor Brewing Company: Anchor Old Foghorn (1st Runnings) - Brew Your Own

C60: Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn

C80: Old Foghorn Barley Wine Recipe needed

Crystal 80 description matches closest in my estimation:

Has anyone actually brewed to clone this recipe? Any advice base on actual brews?
I hope someone replies. I aged some Old Foghorn that I bought for 8 years. It might have been the finest aged barleywine I have ever tasted. I want to brew it!
I brewed the AHA recipe (60L) soon after they published the issue in 2018 with several Anchor recipes. I used Muntons Pale and Simpson’s Medium Crystal which is around 60 ish Lovibond. It was darned close to Anchor OF. Perhaps a mix of 60L and 80L would be perfect.

After a two week primary I transferred to keg for a week or so of dry-hopping. Then added 4oz DME in solution with half a pack of CBC-1 to the keg and bottle gunned an hour later. I drank the last bottle about this time last year and it was fantastic from the 1 year to 4 year mark!
@gaviga @friarsmith

Thanks guys! This project had been languishing but I am inspired now. I will report the results. Probably going with the medium crystal and a C80!
Based on my recollection of taste and the way Anchor describes this beer, I always perceived it as a hybrid of English BW in malt character with conservative use of American hops. Not as in-your-face as eg SN’s Bigfoot and others. I would definitely spring for a higher end pale malt like and english pale or Maris or Great Western High Color pale.

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