old beer in the kegerator (very old)

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Nov 24, 2008
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south of Eugene, OR
Hi guys.
Haven't been super active in a couple of years.
I got an itch to brew this afternoon and started pulling out my brew supplies. I cracked open my kegerator for the first time in at least two years and remembered that I had 3 cornies in there.

I know one is a cider. And one is a triple. I have no clue what the other is.

I decided to give them a try. I have half of the mystery beer down. I haven't died yet.

Anyways. Figured I would say hello. And share

That is one helluva great surprise i would say!!

How is the tripel after all this time?

What do you think this mystery beer is?

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Triple is a bit too sweet. It was my first attempt and I made the candy sugar to put into it.

I think the mystery beer was a bunch of leftover 2 row and whatever hops I had left after I had harvested my bines.
I guess I could see not brewing for a while, but forgetting to drink beer on tap is confusing to me. I could understand forgetting a couple of bottles stashed on a tucked away shelf, but neglecting a kegerator like that? You should feel bad.

Good luck and welcome back.

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