OK, so im building a herms system

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Jan 1, 2007
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New Jersey
And long story... If your interested, Check out my blog, for all the details...http://bsbsatellite.blogspot.com/
so to keep it short, im building my system from one that a group of us currently use together.

I'm not to the plumbing of the system yet but I need to keep a good list of what ill need, since my career puts me in position to acquire pieces from time to time... Totally legit of course.

Ive been thinking about a slight problem we have with the current system. The pump transfers have a common factor. "Air gets into the lines". The system works fine, but this problem may arise in the new system if not fixed. Some connections may be to blame but im curious about the system tubing size. The system is movable so it can be put away when not in use. And the pumping needs help at times.

So is it possible that having a system with all plumbing being 3/8" ID (Chiller, Heat exchanger, and tubing) And all connections such as (Valves, S.S. nipples reduced with 3/8 barbs, ETC.) being 1/2" cause air like symptoms in the lines?

How many people have the exact same plumbing sizes in whatever configuration, working for them?

Thanks for any insight you guys can share. This is a great forum. Look forward to being around a lot.:mug: