Oil rainbows?

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Dec 2, 2007
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Boise, ID
I just racked an IIPA, ("hopjuice" from the recipe database with a few changes). So after the secondary was full I noticed something that can only be described as oily rainbows in the surface. No beer that I have ever done has shown anything like this but I have never made a beer with such a large amount of hops. Also, I am using one-step no rinse. Any experience with rainbow beer out there?

Another thing while I am at it, while racking, the beer is dropping from the hose hitting the side of the secondary, spreading out and flowing down the side. Should I devise a way to avoid this, seems like it would bet lots of O2 in the beer. Is this any better than just a free fall?

The "rainbows" could be from the hop oils i suppose, or from some left over sanitizer it would be hard to tell with out seeing it.

As for the racking of the beer, you really want to try to have enough hose to allow it to coil up in the bottom of the carboy to rack it "gently", You want to avoid any and all agitation of the beer after fermentation is complete.
Odd I have a mead and an American stout in primary right now, and their bubbles on the surface have that oily rainbow deal going on. I've also never noticed this on other beers, and nothing was done different that I can account for on these two batches. I did try both of them yesterday, and they were the bomb so I'm not worried.

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