Oh, the things you find on Craigslist

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Aug 10, 2008
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Greenville, NC
I found this guy's ad on Craigslist and something just didn't seem right...

I have an unused deluxe beer making kit. It contains three kinds of barley malt extracts, Gold, Amber, and Dark Malt (for dark malt lagers of 7.5 alcohol). Each bottle of extract makes 50 gallons of home brew beer. The kit has everything one needs to brew beer, several 5 gallon buckets with spigots and spigot connections and sealed tops so it can breath while brewing, a 5 gallon bottle with bottle neck for corking, all the hoses, filters, bottle caps, bottle capper to secure the caps, yeasts, etc. Everything is included plus the start up sugars when transferring to bottles after filtering for dark storage (this makes the fizzle in the beer), and then it is ready for chilling. I have a professional beermaking/winemaking book of $29.95 value to go with the kit. Often many of these ingredients can be purchased at major super markets or specialty stores. Everyone in this household has gone on the wagon, and this kit has never been used, originally cost me $178. Also with it is a DVD instructional step-by-step video which explains how to brew this beer. Altogether, if one does it properly, this beer will take about a month to brew and be ready for consumption. You must come and pick up the goods, I do not ship. Call 336-xxx-xxxx or respond to this email. Thanks

What kind of extract is that guy using?!?! And how big is his brewpot?!

In other news: my brew kit from Midwest came in yesterday, so beer making will begin this weekend. Wish me luck!