Offseason Cider around Hartford?

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Feb 27, 2013
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Hi all,

Anyone have any suggestions on where to buy off-season cider in the Hartford area?

For a short while, I stumbled upon Zeigler Cider being sold at PriceRites for $5 / gallon which made a very tasty hard cider. Of course, the parent company, ShopRite, has decided to start selling a store brand instead and that brand is dosed with K-Sulfate...argh!

Only supermarket I could find selling cider is Whole Foods (of course) and they are only selling half gallons @ $4 a bottle. Selling a cider made somewhere in MA (forget the name).

Any other thoughts? I tried making hard cider from Motts at one time, but it was not that good (go figure!). Do I have to pay the Whole Foods price or wait until cider season heats up in 5-6 months?