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Jan 15, 2009
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Need some help on this one guys...... Bottled up my first all grain brew this past weekend (Big Sky Brewary Moose Drool Clone) and it seemed to have an off flavor when I cracked one open yesterday to have a sample. I knew it wouldn't be fully carbonated since it only had been bottled for 3-4 days but I was just looking for enough to get an idea how it was coming along. I'm one who likes to taste my brews through all facits to taste through progression. The interesting thing is it didn't have this taste prior to bottling and was quite tasty. I'm pretty anal about sanitization and I've never had this issue in any of the other brews I have made but they have all be partial mash and this was my first all grain. From what I understand and read this may be a phenolic (plastic, band-aid, medicinal) type off flavor. I'm hoping it may be just from being too yound and will hinder in a few weeks with some age....any ideas??? :confused:
sure thing..... I did up a 5 gallon batch with the grain bill below and about 11lbs total. I came up a bit short on the OG of Big Sky's recomemdation of 1.052 and I hit about a 1.047 and with an FG of about 1.011...

Pale 87%
Crystal 80 10%
Chocolate 2.8%
Black Patent .2%

I mashed at about 151 - 152 for 60min with no mash out and did a 2 stage batch sparge per beersmith recommendations with sparge temp water at 170.

70 minute boil
20 IBU East Kent Goldings
Liberty and Willamette for flavor and aroma for total of 26 IBU

I fermented with WLP002 English Ale at about 70ish degrees in primary for 7 and secondary for 7 prior to bottling with about 5oz of corn sugar to accomplish about 2.5/2.6 volumes. I ended at bottling after trub and evaportation loss of right at 5 gallons.

I tasted prior to priming and all seemed good....carbonation may have brought it to the surface or due to something in the yeast at bottling after ...... I'm just guessing as I'm still a newby....I hope this helps... flavor was one of a plasticy or chemically taste almost protruding through the nostils if that makes any sense at all..
I'm inclined to agree with the consensus so far....if it hasn't been present before now, I'd wait it out and see how it develops.
What did you use to sanitize? On my first brew, I used c-brite, which I thought was a no rinse :mad: Anyhow, my first brew tasted like chlorine. I know that was the reason why too, becuase Ive done plenty since then and they come out fine.
C-brite or B-brite but it's what I've always used and havn't had this issue in the past.
Oh god, you have the dreaded RDWHAHB! Their is no cure and the problem will remain in the bottle even if you dump the beer! I will gladly take that beer off your hands and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly fashion. No, no need to thank me, just trying to help a brewer out!