Oatmeal Honey Weizenbock

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Mar 13, 2009
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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and wanted to bounce a recipe idea around. Had an idea to do a strong wheat beer with oats and honey (another kind of breakfast beer). Here's the basic recipe I created with the Beer Recipator:

5.5 gallon batch
(Mini-mash, 60 min @ 150, 1.5 qt./lb. H2O)
2 lb. American 2-row
1.5 lb. Wheat malt
1.5 lb. Flaked oats
1 lb. American crystal 20L
(Boil 60 min)
6 lb. Wheat extract
1.5 lb. Honey
1.5 oz. Cascade (6% AA, 60 min.)
.5 oz. Cascade (6% AA, 15 min.)

Anticipated OG: 1.079 FG: 1.016
Anticipated IBU: 15 (I've seen critiques of the Recipator IBU calculator before, so I'm not passing this number as gospel truth!)

First, I've never done a mini-mash before (like the Deathbrewer tutorial), so I'm not sure if my proportions of grains will work, specifically, I don't know if I will get the full flavor and mouth-feel of the oats with what I've got. Second, I want the "wheatiness" to more resemble an American Wheat as opposed to a Hefe, and I'm not sure if my wheat malt and extract will achieve that, or if that will be more a characteristic of the yeast, or something else I'm not familiar with. Finally, I'd like a little clarity to this beer, but I know that may be tricky with all the wheat and oats, and I'm curious if there is a clarifying agent more suited to this style than the irish moss I've grown accustomed to using.

Thanks very much for any and all feedback!