oat wheat beer.

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Oct 2, 2007
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.... So.... I just made my 8th beer. and its.... wrong....

we tried to make a oat wheat beer, and it is.... horrible. heres the recip. we used.
1lb flaked wheat,
6lbs hefeweizen malt
1/2 lb pale malt (both DME)
1 oz hallertauer hops
4 pinch Cascade
3/4 oz Fuggles (aroma)
1 oz cascade(10 min)

as soon as we tranferred the wort into a carboy after the boil there was a 3 inch band of what looked like yeast Chaffe about 7 inches from the bottom of the carboy as well as about 2 inches of the same substance on the bottom. This is within 10 minutes of transferring into the carboy.

That was the most strange thing to happen, however when we opened our little canister of white labs American Hefeweizen Yeast (WLP320) it fizzed... still in the tube... almost like it was carbonated. it was within a few weeks of the 'best before' date but this still seemed odd.

The oats we used said something about 'pre-gelatanized' ... if that means anything.

So its been fermenting for almost 3 weeks now, going very slow, and now we have to eyeball it because my hydrometer just broke...

ANYWAY so i just tasted it today and it smells like..... paste... not glue but the solid stuff you used in preschool. It tastes like, in the words of my girlfriend, what burning rubber smells like, and paste. I am fairly certan it is not contaminated as i always take obscenely large measures to insure purity, mainly my question is this, Does anyone know if this problem seems like it would be the A) oats or B) yeast we used? i can post photos it was just so strange that i thought i would seek advice from you fine people.

Thank you very much

P.S i think i am going to dump this one. which saddens me as i have not had to do that yet, unless any of you think some bottle conditioning will fix the issue. http://www.flickr.com/photos/23143671@N06/2215782694


i am too dumb to figure out how to post images... so the first one is the seperation and the second is the next day


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Apr 9, 2007
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Oakland, CA
it's kind of an odd recipe, but none of the pictures look unusual and that's perfectly normal for a hefe yeast to fizz...they're active little suckers. you let that vial warm up and they'll get going again, creating co2.

it'll probably be fine. give it a couple more weeks and buy a new hydrometer.

DO NOT dump that batch. no reason to risk it just cuz it tastes funny now. you'll never know what it's really like until it's been in the bottle six weeks.

RDWHAHB. everything sounds alright to me, except the taste. maybe someone else can chime in and help you with that. i gotsta go home.

hope all goes well and again, i would NOT dump that batch yet.



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Oct 19, 2006
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I can't help you with the flavors. If it's not bottled yet, I still recommend letting it ferment and then bottling anyway. You might have a good beer and not know it yet.

The White Labs vials do expel their yeast in the manner described on some occasions. Also, the Hefe yeast may give off a strong-sulphor like smell, which may be what you are smelling.

Give this beer a chance, better to go the full distance and have a bad beer, then dump it now and miss out on the best beer you ever made.


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Nov 13, 2007
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Never dump a brew. I have had beers that I thought were the worst I had ever made at 2 months and the best I ever tasted at 6 months. It just takes patience.