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May 10, 2014
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Does anyone know how many nylon washers are needed on the co2 line? I know one is needed at the tank but is one needed at the tapper as well?

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No. The washer at the tank is designed for high pressure as it's going from the tank to the regulator.

What you put on the "tapper" will depend on exactly what system you are using. Generally for homebrewers it's a Quick Connect. They can have a couple of different ends to hook up to. I don't recall any of them needing a washer. Some are barbed, some have a compression fitting of sorts.
It depends. Flare fittings that aren't connecting to copper tube usually need a nylon washer to seal if there isn't a soft plastic sealing surface built into the fitting. Most regulators set up for connections to a CGA-320 valve require a sealing washer but some have an o-ring in the face of the sealing surface. Look at the fittings with a critical eye and think about where the seal is being made.