Nylon Washer?

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Aug 8, 2007
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So I got my regulator in from micromatic and everything seems all good except they did not ship it with a nylon washer, can I find these at my local hardware store or something that will work at least?
You might check with a local welding shop. Mine gives me a new washer with every bottle trade.
Double check it. If it has an o ring on the post part it may be washerless. Mine from kegconnection was. It should have a sticker on it is it is washerless.

Otherwise bring the reg to a hardware store (even if they have them you'll never find them at HD/Lowes) and ast the guy to help you. Get a few.

as stated above the gas supplier always rubberbands one to the tank when I get a refill.
yeah I looked in the box everywhere but I don't see it, it's not a washerless design.