Now this has to produce something truly evil to drink

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Dec 3, 2004
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West coast of FL
EZ Cap brewing

Just 5 EZ Steps!:

1) Pour fruit juice into a rinsed-out plastic soda-pop bottle. (2 liter bottles work GREAT)

2) Add the premium yeast (enough supplied in the EZ Caps kit for about 100 liters!)

3) Screw on the reusable, patented EZ Cap.

4) Wait 2-7 days.

5) Refrigerate. (stops the fermentation and clarifies the beverage)

6) Enjoy your beverage at 5-17% alcohol! :eek:
"EZ Caps simply is the best home brewing kit ever invented!"

EZ Caps surpasses any beer making machine or home brewing kit available today.

With the EZ Caps, there are NO!

*complicated instructions
*No space consuming bulk equipment
*No High-Tech mixing techniques
*No messy accessories and no odors like every other home brewing equipment out there.

EZ Caps is the fastest, most reliable, and definitely the most fun way to brew your own alcoholic beverages.

Well, hell. I've been doing it wrong all along. I guess it's time to throw away all my bulky equipment and get me some EZ Caps!
Our business ( was recently offered a free sample of this product to see if we wanted to carry it. About 3-4 days ago we bought some welch's grape juice. We poured it into a 2-liter soda bottle with the yeast and put on the E-Z cap. We actually did see some yeast activity. In a few more days, we're going to refrigerate it and then drink it. We'll let you know how it tastes. I think they're going to get into trademark trouble, however, when the maker of E-Z Cap flip top bottles becomes aware of them.
That's gonna be some gross stuff. Good wine comes from good grapes. Wine grapes.

Also, with the chemicals added to non-organic juices, I bet the yeast's health would be inhibitted. I would only use organic juice with that contraption.

Maybe with some organic apple juice, you could make some quickie cider, but I wouldn't want Welch's wine personally ;)

We tried the Welch's wine last night, made with the EZ Cap. It did not taste like wine exactly. It tasted like sparkling grape juice, but with a mild alcoholic kick. It didn't taste bad, and we did each get a slight buzz off too glasses, but it did not taste like wine, so we will not be selling it on our Web site.

They tell you how to make non-sparkling wine by not using their cap and putting plastic wrap with a hole over the top of the bottle, but then why bother buying the EZ Caps? Just go out and get some yeast. Also, they don't call for sanitizing things, which bothered us, although the "wine" we made in a club soda bottle did not get infected with anything. Anyway, that's the result of our test with EZ Caps.
richanne said:
Our business ( was recently offered a free sample of this product to see if we wanted to carry it.

I scan all the home brew suppliers and the FIRST thing I look for is the LOCATION of the bidness so i can judge shipping feasibility (I am in Orlando)

You folks have an idiotproof site with a straitforward representation of your FOB addy

Thank you

Dealers who don't display that info seem susupicious, like they're working from a mythical location

The displayed address add confidence for your customers