Nothing for 7 days (where are the bubbles)

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J Horn

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Jan 14, 2008
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I finished my second batch of beer ( Black Dog Porter) recently and thought that I did everything right, but upon putting this batch into the carboy and adding the yeast that I pitched--nothing happened for seven days. On day number seven or eight I saw a great deal of foam and lots of bubbling. I did put the carboy into the hall closet this time so the temp may have been lower than 65 degrees (not sure) but not too much lower as I live in GA and it hasn't been very cold this winter. Should I continue on with the process, or is this going to compromise my batch? How can I tell if the batch is worth keeping? What could be the cause? How could I prevent this from happening again? Any thoughts and ideas for a rookie would be great.
J Horn
The only way you will know what is going on is to take a hydrometer reading.