Not so much a question, just a nice surprise!

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Jan 21, 2011
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So, I went to my brew room (spare bathroom in apartment, constant 67 degree air temp and no windows) to check the SG on the Porter in primary and English Pale Ale in secondary. I've been watching the English Pale for a week or so and can still see plenty of yeast floating up and down...but when I took a sample at put it in the hydrometer tube, I was pleasantly surprised be how CLEAR that beer is! I really expected a bit of cloudiness from that beer, but it's almost crystal clear. As far as I know, that's good :ban:

The Porter isn't as clear, but it's very young and not even a week into primary yet. Checking the SG on that one might have been a bit premature, but I was curious.

Can't wait to taste that pale ale once it's ready! I tasted it out of the hydrometer tube after testing and it was pretty nice. I'm sure it'll be really nice once it's finished and carbonated for a month or so!

I love beer. Plain and simple. And I love brewing my own!