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Sep 13, 2007
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Durham, CT
About 3 weeks ago my buddy and I brewed up Harpoon's 1991 winter warmer (extract). A day after brewing I noticed it was bubbling and didn't think much of it. I ignored it for the next couple of days and at about a 4 days later I noticed there was no krausen. However I brewed a 10 gallon all grain batch the same day and both carboys had plenty of krausen. Unfortunately due to laziness and some travel for work I did not get a chance to take a gravity reading until last weekend. The ready came in at 1.034 where it should be closer to 1.010. I pitched a packet of Nottingham (thinking the Wyeast package was bad) on Saturday and as of this morning there was no activity.

Any ideas what would cause the yeast to only work halfway? The OG was around 1.055 or so. There is a pound of honey in there, but I wouldn't think that would be the cause. Also, any idea why the Nottingham isn't working? The temperature in the room is a sold 68 degrees.




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Mar 29, 2007
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Here are all the things I can think of to improve fermentation.

1. Use the correct yeast pitch rates. About 200 billion yeast cells for a 5 gal batch of ale. This usually means using a yeast starter.

2. Oxygen. Use the air stone with pure oxygen before pitching the yeast to aerate the wort.

3. Use Wyeast nutrient. It has all the trace elements like zinc, amino acids, minarals etc. that yeast need to be healthy. You can order it at