Northern Arizona Machine Gun Shoot

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I wanna know where to go buy artillery and mortars...that looks entertaining.
skinfiddler said:
Something extremely exiting about the sound of thousands of shell casings hitting the ground. Oh yeah.


One of the coolest scenes in any movie is in The Matrix, when they enter the building and have the shootout. The spent casing look like they are being poured onto the floor. From a truck
That definitley looks like fun! I think I need to get myself one of those miniature howitzers for home defense. I gotta be able to protect my castle...
Yeah, and non-corrosive namebrand 7.62x54R is $1/round. :mad: The surplus I found locally is Bulgarian 1953 and the casings are garbage. Some had cracks in the neck area and I would be reluctant to use it.

It was $0.30/round in 10 round packs about six month ago.
Just like beer, make your own. Beer prices are up, food prices are up, ammo prices are up. Fuel prices are up. It's the only sure way to keep up with inflation.
Yes, but I only get so much $$ for brew equipment. Can't afford the reloading equipment, too. Plus I live in base housing, and don't have a garage. Don't think uncle sam (let alone SWMBO) would like me storing bags/kegs of powder and boxes of primers here in the house.

I'm pleasantly suprised to see fellow Mosin-Nagant enthusiasts here. I usually have to explain 7.62x54R to folks. Even gun nuts.