New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

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Jun 26, 2014
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That's the Beer & Brewing mag from a couple months ago, the recipe is a banger and the original beer is fantastic. This was the base for my last beer, too! Will def be using this recipe again.

How was the hop burn on this? The recipe calls for 2oz Galaxy mid-fermentation, which kind of ruined my beer for a few weeks until it mellowed out. Is that the "green" you're referring to?
I brew 1.25 gallon batches, 2 gallons into the fermonster. My wife is a travel nurse and I need a setup that's portable. I had to scale down the hops and took educated guesses based on other NEIPA's I've brewed. This wasn't a burn I was gettin, it was a green-ness. It did mellow, but it was still there. Here is my hopping schedule:
  • 1/2oz. Mosaic LupoMax @ 5min
  • 1.25oz. Citra LupoMax 30min whirlpool
  • 3/4oz. Citra 30min whirlpool
  • 1.25oz. Citra dry hop on Day 2 of fermentation
  • 3/4oz. Galaxy dry hop on Day 2 of fermentation
  • 2.5oz. Citra dry hop after soft crash
  • 1.75oz. Citra LupoMax dry hop after soft crash
  • 3/4oz. Mosaic LupoMax dry hop after soft crash
  • 1/2oz. Galaxy dry hop after soft crash
I think the suspect of the persisting "green" is either the Mosaic Lupo I put in the boil or the Galaxy I put in the fermentation dry hop. I plan on brewing this again and negating the boil hop and the Galaxy in the fermentation dry hop.


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Jan 14, 2017
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San Diego
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Pretty proud of this one. This is legit Troon, Trillium, Fidens, Monkish, etc…level.

73% 2-row
12% white wheat
12% malted oats
3% carafoam
2 pounds of brewers crystals

Mashed at 152

1.087 - 1.019 for 8.8% abv

Verdant yeast, 68 for the first 48 hours then 72 for the next 8 days. Soft crashed to 58 for 2 days before transferring to the dry hop keg.

Citra and mosaic lupomax hot side, 6oz galaxy, 4oz Nectaron, 2oz citra lupomax, 2oz mosaic lupomax dry hop. Dry hopped at 58 for 48 hours and roused/agitated it 8 separate times.

Then crashed down to 36 for 36 hours.

Loving these last few beers I’ve made and feel like I’ve really settled in to a nice groove with my process. Consistent, repeatable results every time.
Man this has gotta be the most inspiring hazy post I’ve seen in a long time! Stunning color and very impressive at such a high OG. In my mind this gives you some pretty serious authority as to best practices to achieve a beer of that caliber. Could you give us some more details about process and and your system? It helpful for a point of comparison.

What’s your mash and sparge method? Easy BIAB? Stir? Recirculate? Are You using any antioxidants? Short boil?
All separate corney kegs for fermentation? Are you using ferm co2 to purge out kegs with or without star San? What other details…?
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