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Wicked Daddy

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May 7, 2008
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Austin, TX

Did a search and found all of you. I'll be putting my first batch on the fire in two weeks. Couldn't do it sooner due to travel and work so I'll be reading and learning in the meantime.

I already love this and I haven't brewed anything yet!
Welcome fellow Texan. Most questions have been asked so read lots. Lot of helpful folks and good stickys. I built my equipment from pictures and threads on this forum. Watch out for olllllo though.....he can take over your mind. :drunk:
The first and only book I ever read on hombrewing always said "Relax!! Have a homebrew!" (The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, 3rd edition by Charlie Papazian). So thats the best advice I could give you. oh and when you make a first batch you do is a three gallon with tap water to see how it tastes (that way if it tastes bad you didn't waste much money). and if it does taste bad -Buy Water-!!! I use deer park cause thats what I trust but just as long as its filtered good water. Remember water is 90% of beer. So it's the biggest factor. Which is something I learned the hard way over 5 brutal bad brews. Good luck!!!

P.S. Remember to Relax!! its super easy!
Welcome! Tons of Texans in here. Feel free to ask for help at any time, and soak up the wiki- lots of guys put a lot of time in to it, great resource.
Welcome to the HBT.

Let us know how it goes.

I second all that has been said.

I have read and re read The Joy of homebrewing and How to Brew. And I remember the first couple of times it did not make as much sense as I hoped. But as I brew and I read things start coming to together.
And experience is everything is my opinion.

Welcome..if you want to talk homebrew sometime let me know.