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Apr 18, 2013
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I started my second cider ever last week and I have a few questions. After about 12 hours of pitching my yeast, I had a huge amount of activity for about 2 or 3 days and then it mellowed out big time. After 8 days from pitch, I then added about a pound of fruit puree on top (didn't rack it off prior to adding puree) and fermentation picked back up but has died again after a couple days. I tasted the batch before adding the puree and it didn't taste off and still had a nice under-sweetness to it. SG before I added the puree was about 1.015 or so.

I now see a lot of what I think is pectin floating in about the bottom 1/3 of the carboy so I was going to throw some pectic enzyme on top of it and then rack it.

My questions are, How long should I let the pectic enzyme do its thing before racking?


Is the fast fermentation and sudden near stopping OK or could there be a problem? I'm getting a bubble about every 30 or so seconds and my first batch (first ever attempt at homebrewing) was steady for about a month. Just new to this so still kinda figuring it all out.

Thanks in advance for replies.