No more bottles for me either!!!

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Jul 3, 2005
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Well I put my system together starting with a single keg "Kit" from my local home brew shop for 179.95 with a refurbished keg... I had previously ordered 4 Refurbished kegs from Sabco. My 5 lb bottle came filled so I have been using it since mid July. But I bought a 20# bottle from a local welding supply for good measure thought he 5# bottle seems to be holding it's own... I am running 4 Cornies as noted in my sig line. I bought the Manifold from the HBS as well as lines and fittings I put together enough gear to run 5 kegs on the cheap, but I would need to go through my receipts to see the cost. Though I never bothered to bottle my first brew went straight to a Keg and I never looked back!