No leaks but not carbing

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Feb 21, 2006
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Colorado Springs, CO
Long story in case something may be relevant that I’m missing…

I’ve been switching over to sankeys from cornies. I had the keezer setup with my last corny and a Sankey and two unused taps. Both brews were well carbed and had been good for a couple weeks. When I went to put a second Sankey (which had never been carbed) in, I must have whacked the gas disconnect on the last corny because my CO2 tank was empty later that night. I took the chance to upgrade the little 5lb tank to a 20lb tank so I can use the little tank for utility purposes. This resulted in having to put the tank outside the keezer instead of inside like previously. Turns out when I wacked the disconnect, I must have broke it because when I when to check what was loose (I could hear the leak) the plastic outer ring shot off. I checked that last corny keg and it was almost empty anyway so I swapped it with a third sankey which had been force carbed. That one came out carbed decently. I let everything sit for a week. Not only had the second keg not carbed but the other two are now flat. The PSI was around 13 through all this. I cranked it up to 30 for 24 hours but it’s still all flat.

Note: I’m at 6300ft so my numbers are 3PSI higher than typical.

The thing is that the CO2 tank is still full. I can bleed pressure out of the tanks after turning off the tanks so it’s getting to the couplers. And there’s enough pressure to serve.

The one oddity is that the second tank takes about half the time to refill with CO2 after purging that the other two do and when pulling the release valve it doesn’t have the same force behind it.


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Jul 15, 2009
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Your Duckbill valves might be stuck, or at least partially stuck. Look this 2 minute video up and it'll walk you through unsticking, if that's the problem:

Fixing a stuck "duckbill" valve on a Sankey D keg tap​