No Fermentation - What To Do?

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Jul 23, 2007
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Buffalo, NY
Hey guys. No worries on my third batch, as it's clearing nicely in secondary right now, but I gave my dad a hand with his first batch last week, and he says he's had no fermentation happening all week.

This is the exact kid and ingredients we used.

The only thing I can think is that we didn't get the wert cool enough before pitching yeast, but we had the primary in an ice bath for about an hour before we pitched. But, even still, this is what I think it might be.

At this point, what are the possible other causes, and more importantly, what are the current options? Do we have to ****can the whole batch? Or could we get some more yeast and re-pitch now?

Big thanks guys. Cheers.
The first thing to do is have him check the sg with the hydrometer and let us know what it is. That'll give us the information we need to tell you what's probably going on (or not going on!)
Take a peak inside the fermenter. Do you see a thick ring of gunk above the beer on the side of the pail? What are your OG and current gravity readings?
That we'll have to check when I go there in a little while. I'll get back to you guys later tonight with that.

If it's lower, obviously it is fermenting to some degree. Should he just leave it be? Or is there a way to jump-start it?

If it's dead in the water, what then?
Well, that's why the sg is so important. If it's the exact same, then we'll have you pitch some new fresh dry yeast, then keep it at 65-68 degrees. If it's changing, leave it alone and keep it at those temperatures also.

But I really have a feeling that unless you pitched when the wort was 120 degrees or so, that it's simply done and he missed it because you pitched it a little hot and it went fast.
He checked it the day after and there was nothing going on. So if it went fast, it REALLY went fast. We'll check the gravity today and see what we got.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks a lot for the tips. Cheers.
One thing we try to impress on new brewers: The only way to know if fermentation is occurring and/or done is using a hydrometer. Measuring OG in an extract batch can be a problem, but there is no other way to be certain your batch is working.