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Feb 22, 2012
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I am fermenting my third batch and on this one I have not had any bubbles in the airlock. I am pretty sure that I had a bad seal or something because everything looks and smells and taste the same as my first two batches. What should I be looking at as far as a final gravity for an Ale. I have never used a hydrometer before and now see the importance.
Any help will be appreciated!
Step 1: Tell us what was in the recipe - how many lbs of LME or DME, and how many gallons you started with. That will get us close to the OG (Original Gravity).

Step 2: Get yourself a hydrometer!. Test it in water, it should read close to 1.000 at 60 degrees water.

Step 3: Using a sanitized turkey baster or wine thief, draw a sample and test it. Do not return the sample to the batch. As a WAG, It should read 1.015 give or take .005 or so.

Step 4: report back to us. You probably have made beer!
I started with 6.6 lbs of LME and ended up with a little over 5 gal. Trust me, I now see the importance of the hydrometer.