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Dec 14, 2010
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Living free in the 603
Looking to sell off my electric brewing system as well as all related gear. Need the space for other things, as well as to recover SOME of what I've spent to put into the new house fund.
Since I haven't used any of this gear since December 2021, and the reasons listed above, time to sell. IF I decide to brew again post move, I'll just get new gear.

Location: Pelham, NH
looking to ship items.
Terms: F2F cash, [USPS] MO, Zelle
Contact via private message/direct message here.

Brewing System: $7000
Spike TC (gen4/OG) kettles:
20 gallon boil kettle, 15 gallon mash tun, 15 gallon HLT. Includes HLT coil, recirculation fittings, false bottom in MT, 5500W elements (240v) plus needed valves. Also have sparge heads I created to help spread recirculation liquid across grain while brewing. Haven't fully tested these since I stopped brewing before I could.
Spike Steam Condenser Lid (SCL) for the boil kettle. Includes fittings and chill water pump.
Two Chugger pumps with run dry TC heads
Manifolds for both Chugger pumps. Used to direct flow for each process as needed. One dedicated for feed from HLT for either recirculation during heating, or running through the coil for sparging.
Brewers Hardware Wort strainer/filter (1-1/2" TC, 3" body) with mount (installed on brew stand currently, bolted into place, so can be moved).
Blichmann Pro wort chiller. Monster plate chiller, that's never been used. All TC fittings. I have TC to hose connection adapters for the chill water flow.
Oxgenation system. Uses pure O2 to infuse wort once it exits the plate chiller, before going into the fermenter. Includes TC ball valve to get the exiting wort to the correct temperature. Means single pass through the plate chiller into fermenter getting to pitch temperatures FAST.
O2 bottle with flow rate regulator (Liters per minute rate).
Additional TC fittings as well as 1/2" ID silicone tubing.
Additional butterfly valves and misc items. Includes TC caps, gaskets and clamps.
Electric Brewing Supply control panel (gen2) double batching. Includes control for two brewing pumps, SCL pump, both elements, PIDs for all three kettles (with sensors for each). Able to 'double batch' since this is a 50amp control panel. If purchased with brewing system, it will include all cables as well as the 30' extension to go from an outlet.
Brew stand. Built out of 2" square tubing. Includes mounts for the pumps, plate chiller, wort strainer as well as control panel. Leveling feet also installed along with wheels in all four corners.
Single element water filter (removable mount to the brew stand). Includes additional filter elements.
Yeast brinks. One with 2" TC sight glass (for infusion). Second made to work with quart (or larger) wide mouth Ball/Mason jars. Second used for yeast harvesting more. Both from NorCal Brewing Solutions.
Grain mill(s):
Monster Mill two roller (2" diameter, hardened steel) mill with standard hopper
Monster Mill Geared Pro three roller mill with hopper and extension (holds ~33# of grain at a time).
Monster Mill gear reduction motor with wiring kit installed.
Lovejoy coupler between three roller mill and motor.
Wheeled stand with motor and three roller mill installed. Has shelf for placement of catch bucket (can be removed).
~200# Maris Otter base malt.
Other additional malts. Includes coffee, chocolate, honey, and smoked malts (cherrywood and peat). Most vacuum bagged and labeled.
Four blue barrels (13 gallon capacity) with o-ring seals.
Two 6 gallon Gamma lid buckets
Four 3 gallon Gamma lid buckets.
Bags of EKG pellets (pounds of them) plus a couple of other hop strains (UK).

Fermenting: $4250
IceMaster4 glycol chiller
. Includes four sensors, hoses (insulated) for three fermenters, loop-back hoses on two of the setups since I've not needed those.
2 Spike CF10 fermenters with carbonating stones, additional sampling valves (Brewers Hardware) with pigtail tube fittings (for better carbonation testing), chill coils, heaters, insulating jackets. Also including SSBrewTech Spunding valves for both conical fermenters plus one extra (never used).
CO2 purging hop dropper. Allows you to dry hop without adding oxygen into the finished beer. Simply attach to conical lid (one of the available TC ports), add hop pellets, purge with CO2 and then open the butterfly valve to drop into brew. Can be installed at the start of the batch, to make things easier (don't add hops until you're ready to drop them).
Two Tilt Pro hydrometers
Two Tilt Standard Hydrometers
Two Tilt repeaters
Magnetic stir plate and flasks (2L, 3L and 5L)

Packaging: $3500
Tapcooler counter pressure can filler
. Includes the original setup (uses bar clamp to hold to can via the base) and the redesign. I created a mounting setup for it using a better bar clamp (machined aluminum base) as well as made a mount for the part that holds the item that connects to the can. Includes CO2 ball lock fitting for purging the can before filling plus overflow/venting hose setup.
Cannular Pro semi-automatic can seamer. Uses a button to run the machine/dies including spinning/stopping the can. Makes it a LOT easier to seal cans than the manual version. Includes the dedicated power supply for the unit. I extended the shield to work well with 500ml/16oz cans. Will include the additional 'shield' I made to contain the foam flung from the can during the process (sides that are not covered by the shield).
Stainless steel wire mesh cart also included that holds the filling and sealing units.
Empty 12oz (180 count) and 500ml cans. Some will be used to package beer in the keezer. All 12oz cans will go with setup. All cans include lids.
Semi-Automatic Label Applicator Machine for Self-Adhesive Labels. Never even removed from it's shipping crate. Works with bottles and cans. Just need to get labels printed onto rolls (easily done).
20# CO2 bottle with dual body regulator and gage cage.

Ball lock kegs:

Two 6 gallon Torpedo kegs
One 1.5 gallon Torpedo keg
One 2.5 gallon Torpedo keg
Two 2.5 Italian keg (stainless handle)
Twelve 3.0 gallon (Italian) kegs
Some of the kegs need to have the contents packaged before they will be available.
Bucket Blaster keg cleaning setup. Includes 3 gallon bucket, and CIP ball.

10.6 cubic GE chest freezer

Wood collar with gas bulkheads and taps through. Also has a 120v fan inside for air circulation.
Inkbird temperature controller (WiFi ITC-308)
Gas manifolds inside for better distribution.
Additional gas and liquid tubing will go with the keezer.
20# CO2 bottle with single body regulator (TapRite) with gage cage.
60 cubic foot nitro/CO2 bottle
(75/25) with TapRite regulator with gage cage.

Additional 5# CO2 bottle with single body regulator and gage cage.
All CO2 and nitrogen regulators fitted with shutoff check valves with MFL connections.
If person buys all of the items, will include additional stainless oetiker clamps plus crimping tool. That way changing out lines in the future will be easier. These clamps seal 100% on the first try. Unlike worm clamps that can easily leak.

I'm $18-$20k into this setup. If person wants to purchase everything, total price will be lower than adding everything up.

Pictures (more available if serious buyer requests).

PXL_20210919_121735267.jpg PXL_20211226_214320001.jpg PXL_20220112_194120606.jpg PXL_20220112_194144144.jpg PXL_20220925_205928139.jpg PXL_20220925_210009429.jpg PXL_20220925_210044453.jpg PXL_20220925_215035856.jpg PXL_20220925_215048492.jpg PXL_20220925_215109785.jpg PXL_20220925_215132302.jpg PXL_20220925_215144770.jpg PXL_20220925_215201479.jpg PXL_20220925_215209636.jpg PXL_20220925_215220779.jpg PXL_20220925_215235145.jpg PXL_20220925_215249088.jpg PXL_20220925_215256757.jpg PXL_20220925_215311026.jpg PXL_20220925_215410084.jpg
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Dec 14, 2010
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Living free in the 603
I'm not looking to get retail, or close to it. I'm taking a loss on all of it. Some is either barely used, or NOT used at all (the plate chiller hasn't seen a drop of liquid). Prices are NOT "firm" but I'm not going to take a beating on this stuff. I'll put it into a storage unit before that happens. Considering how someone won't need to deal with shipping to get the sets (or all of it) and the fact that I'm pretty much including everything needed to brew the following day (except yeast).

I know there's plenty of skinflints around. but someone needs to see the value of the sets.