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Feb 22, 2023
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Hampton Roads VA
I tried searching for this info and couldn't find it. If this is answered in full somewhere else, please someone let me know. I'm still fairly new to this. My first batch of cider was 5.5 gallons Musselman's Cider. I used SafCider AB-1 Yeast. I fermented in primary for about 3 weeks I then racked them into 1 gallon batches and primed them with: Brown sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup, and apple juice concentrate. I also back sweetened all of them with monk fruit. The idea was, I wanted to see how the priming sugar changed the end flavor, with back sweetening being the same.

It's been two weeks and I couldn't stand waiting any longer, so I cracked open one of the bottles to try it. It was... ok. I realize I didn't really do anything to help with the flavor. I mean, it was my first try, so it was pretty basic with just cider and yeast.

I'm starting to see all the different things that you can do to help the flavor. I'm a little confused on the order of operations though. There may even be things that you can do that I don't even know about or. I created this little order of operations chart below to help me with my thinking. Is my order right? Are there other things I can do that aren't listed here? Any help would be appreciated. Again, I know this is basic stuff, please be gentle.