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Apr 18, 2021
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I'm here today because I need some help and advice in brewing some Ginger Wine for my Whisky Mac nightcap!
Stones Ginger Wine has finally outpriced itself!

I've dusted off my old 5 gallon brewing bin and want to try this recipe from "The Happy Homestead"!:-
Ginger wine is easy to make and is so delicious! This recipe makes a 5 gallon batch and creates a gutsy fiery yet smooth ginger wine.
• 1.5kg of fresh ginger root
• 4kg granulated sugar
• 500g brown sugar
• 500g sultanas
• 1 banana
• High alcohol yeast
Having read several other recipes, which vary wildly in both quantity and ingredients, I'm thinking I'll make a couple of additions/variations but bear in mind I have no idea what I'm doing!:-

First, using raisins instead of sultanas, ..and possibly 2 x 500g, considering the brew quantity?
Also adding the zest and juice from 4 smallish lemons, I don't know why, but they seem to appear in most recipes for Ginger wine.
I have 500g of Ginger and I'm off to buy another 500g, though I feel that 1.5 kilos might be a bit of overkill!
I also propose to add a couple of teaspoons of Dried Chilli Flakes for a bit more heat.
I will also be using all white sugar, no brown as listed in the recipe.
My yeast is a "Yeast and Nutrient mix" from my local brewing shop that I bought a couple of days ago, packaged by a company called "Ritchies" researching it just now, I find that Ritchies has been bought out by "Bevie Handcraft NZ Ltd 2021", which surprised me!
It is current stock though, sealed and the BBE date is March 2023.
I suspect it is just a general purpose yeast, so I'm not expecting an 18/20% Wine, I'd be happy with 12/13%!

Does that sound like it might succeed?

Any advice on "method", or any other wrinkles to help me produce something "drinkable" would be gratefully received!
I have some "pektolase" which I understand I should add at the start to help with pectin breakdown and aid final clearing.
I could also do with some instruction on using my old Beer Hydrometer which has just two scales: ABV and SG!
Thanks in advance!
Wow, sounds like you know your stuff already!! I'm just starting out, from knowledge zero, cheapest rig I could find, I've been throwing up videologs to radiobane and now I've found this site too.

Had some long days, late nights getting into this, I'm hooked! It's great! Hope your journey is going well too, I like your recipe, think I'll try to make a rough version of this too 👍🏻