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Mar 4, 2009
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Bear, DE
Hello and nice to meet you all. I'm a brand spanking new in fact I've not even purchased ANYTHING yet until I get a good amount of input. Everyone here seems to be very nice and from what I brewers are naturally humble.

So here it goes...I'm looking for the first type of beer to brew...Ale being easiest due to a nice room temp fermenation...however I'm a fan of lager...nice crisp amber lager (yuengling is a good example I think). What would you suggest for me in the form of a prepackaged starter kit?

I'm pretty well up to date on the equipment needed and I will be attending a home brew class where I live in April...although I may not have the patience to wait that long (which is a knock against me because you need patience for beer).

Anyways...thanks for any input you guys offer and I look forward to sharing some pix and info on what I do.
Welcome from one Delawarean to another.

You have come to the right place! There is a wealth of information and almost anything you need, question wise, can be found in this wonderful forum!
welcome. heck, you could have your first brew done and ready by April. since you like amber lagers, why not try a nice simple amber ale. just pick up a kit from your LHBS or from an online vendor and give it a shot. you've already found the best source for answers to your brewing questions!
Welcome! I would also reccommend trying either a California Common or a Blonde Ale. Both of those will give you lager characteristics (light, clean, tasty) in the ale form.
I've noticed this is the best place for questions and answers. I'm found this site by mere luck just googling beer brewing for beginners. Now it and a few others are saved in my favorites.

Amber Ale eh? Sounds like a plan. There is a home brew store here in Newark, DE..I think I'll pay it a visit and compare some prices before I jump on it...but your right...I think I do want my first brew by sometime in April rather then waiting until then for a class :p
Welcome aboard.

  • Don't wait till April to try brewing something. You'll have more informed questions if you've gone through the process yourself at least once.
  • Lagers require more expertise and special fermentation controls. Go with an Ale.
  • Pick up a kit and follow the instructions. You can't hardly screw it up.
If you are talking about How Do You Brew that is where I get most of my equipment and Kits! They are very very nice people to deal with and have competitive prices.
If you are talking about How Do You Brew that is where I get most of my equipment and Kits! They are very very nice people to deal with and have competitive prices.

Thats exactly who I'm talking about. I haven't been there yet as my only days off are the days they happen to be closed...but I have talked with them via email.

Nice people and competitive prices...probably just sold me into taking a half day off of work to go buy a few things next week.
Ask them any question you have, too.

They are more than helpful and would do anything short of brew it for you...but they would probably do that too.

I believe the days they are closed are Sat. and Mon. and they open at 11 every day they are open.
They are closed sun and mon according to the website. Same days I have off hehe.

oh..a question from the bad is this concoction going to stink up my closet?
Yeah, an amber ale kit or buy some amber extract and some hops. Ask the HBS you are buying ingredients for a recipe or look around on here. If you like british style beers use some british type flavor hops, if you are more into the euro lagers then some tetynager, haller, or saaz.

Use a neutral yeast like nottingham or mauri or what ever your HBS recomends. A neutral yeast is one that does not impart fruityness or other flavors to the beer. That will get you close to a lager's clean taste.