newbie here...freezer to fridge convert

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Mar 11, 2009
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N.W. Atlanta Metro,GA
Stumbled upon this procedure today on the net and was wondering if anyone has tried is the copy/pasted procedure... using the original mechanical thermostat cold control switch that came with the freezer!

Some newer units may have digital thermostats and the info below won't apply.

Most mechanical cold control switches have a small calibration set screw beneath the temperature control dial knob(usu. requires removing the dial knob to access the set screw). Adjusting the set screw changes the nominal set point temperature of the thermostat.

Here's the procedure to recalibrate the freezer to operate as a fridge:
1) Plug in. Compressor should turn on and begin cooling the chest.
2) Set the temp dial at the middle setting.
3) Place remote probe of dual-temp indoor/outdoor thermometer inside the fridge.
4) Remove the dial knob (pull directly out from the control switch).
5) When chest reaches your max desired operational temp (e.g. 43 deg F), turn the set screw clockwise until the compressor shuts off. Count turns carefully so you can return to original calibration if this fix doesn't work (best to mark a line on your screw driver to keep count of the turns). My switch required about 6 1/2 turns.
6)Open the chest door so that it will warm up relatively quickly.
7)Monitor the max temperature reached when the compressor comes back on.
8)Close the door and monitor the the low temp at which the compressor shuts off.
9)Repeat 6-8 a few times to verify repeatability. If the temperature differential between the min and max is around 5 deg F as it was in my case, means that your freezer is now working at refrigerator temps at your new set point, e.g. 40degF +/- 2.5degF. If the differential is too large, i.e. greater than 10degF, this fix won't work and you'll have to return the set screw to the original calibration setting and try something different like a brewers thermostat that over-rides the existing thermostat.
9)Reattach the dial knob and fine-tune set point with the control knob as desired.


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Oct 19, 2006
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I've never heard of it, but it might work.

Personally, spending the 50 bucks on a controller is probably a bit easier and guaranteed.


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Aug 30, 2008
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Oak CLiff, TX
I've heard of this trick to make cheap kegerators get DOWN to the temps wanted when the coldest setting wasn't cutting it. This may be a free fix for keezers as well, I guess it depends on how yours is built.