Newb with a question about kegging.

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Mar 15, 2009
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Hello all,

This is my first brew so I don't really know what I'm doing other than what the instructions tell me. I got a 5 gallon lager kit with just about everything included except the secondary barrel. I then got a white plastic secondary pressure barrel with a standard screw on top, with the pressure barrel kit I also got a C02 injection system with a second screw on top S30 I think it's called and a 10 pack of C02 bulbs.

This is the barrel.

Here is the problem, when I have the standard screw on top on the barrel the pressure is building up naturally, when I unscrew it I hear the hiss of gas escaping but when I put the C02 injector cap on and leave it for a while it appears there is a leak because when I unscrew it there is no hiss of gas so I guess it is either releasing the gas intentionally for safety or by unintentional leak. Also I haven't injected any C02 yet because I didn't think I would need it as the barrel is almost full and it is building up naturally with the standard cap.

Does anyone have any advice or information or reason to help me figure out what could be the problem with the leaking gas if there is a problem?

Here is a picture of the one that appears to be leaking the gas.

Also one more question, are pressure barrels safe or could a dangerous amount of pressure build up and explode? Is there any steps I could take for extra safety?

Hope someone can help me. Thank you.
Ok, I use the same idea on a Sanke keg and have a regulator and guage so I know how much pressure it has.

You need to test for leaks. Starsan (Five star chemicals) in a spray bottle works for this and will not hurt the beer. Once you know where the pressure is leaking you can come up with a solution.

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