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Mar 2, 2009
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Hello all who consume. I'm having a ball brewing my own and see this becoming a serious thing. I am extact brewing with specialty grains and on my third batch of IPA. I'm not thoroughly happy with the outcomes but still enjoying the drinking part. My brews aren't hoppy enough, too sweet and all 3 three have a strange twang way in the background. Ive used the same kit twice and the third I put together myself with fresh specialty grains. Any thoughts?
If you can describe the "twang" a little more, someone may be able to offer some help. Medicine flavor? metallic? astringent?

I've battled a metallic flavor and I think I have decided it was due to the extract I always used. Going to try all grain this weekend, so that will be a data point.

Pinpoint what the flavor is, then do some research here and elsewhere. You may find that a flavor doesn't always have a single identified cause, but a range of possible causes. The best you can do is keep stuff clean, be wary of chlorine in your brew water and equipment, and then start working on one variable at a time.
Which brew kit did you use? Oh, this site is addictive. If you find a post that is real informative, bookmark it or you'll search in vain later on trying to find it again. :mug:
Brewers best is the kit. The taste is not bad but just seems a bit off like too sweet. I don't want to say bananaish but if I had to compare the taste to something it would be remotely bananaish if that makes any sense. Thanks for any help
I like the Brewers Best kits but they do use LME. Give the American Pale Ale a try, I love it.

Two things come to mind for the twang: Only add 1/2 (3.3#?) of the LME at 60 min and the second can at 15 min and turn the heat off when you do to minimize any scorching until you thoroughly stir it in. The other is to let it age. I've had good results in letting these sit for a a while, the last of the beer is always the best for me.

If you put your own ingredients together, try DME (a whisk is great for getting it mixed in the boil water) and see if the twang you taste goes away.

Good luck! :mug:
banana-ish smells can come from high fermentation temps. In fact, with some wheat beers this is desirable. For most ales, though, the low to mid 60's is about right and if you ferment higher than this you start to produce a lot of estery fruity flavors, banana is a common ester profile from above 70's fermentation. are you paying attention to your temps?
I was an LME brewer before switching to AG and I would notice a slight twang with LME as well. I have never had that with AG. I could have been using stale ingredients or maybe I'm just controlling temps better now, so I would take that with a grain of salt.
Thanks. I will try to keep my fermentation temps in the low to mid 60's and I will add the LME in 2 parts. I read that in Palmers book in his recipe section so I guess that does have some merit. I will eventually go AG but for now with limited extra time I'll enjoy this method. Thanks much for the help.