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Feb 27, 2005
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new jersey
Well I would just like to say hello to everyone and I hope to get alot of knowledge from you all. I am new to brewing, I live in New Jersey. I just began my first brew today, hopefully all goes well with it.
Welcome to the group! I have a friend whose parents live in Bergenfield, up in northern N.J. Definitely a great place, and not just because it is only an quick bus ride outside of NYC. I definitely think N.J. deserves more respect than it gets (but who am I to talk, coming from Idaho, or was that Iowa, you know the one with the potatoes!)
Welcome, Ed...I'm in NJ myself. NJ definately gets a bad here I don't know why. Monmouth County, where I live, was ranked in the top ten most desirable places to live in the US. There are shady places in NJ, but I imagine that's true of every state.
Not that far away. I am in Middlesex County. I went up to Corrados in Clifton to pick up all my supplies, pretty nice people. Well NJ is a nice location to be in. We ahve NYC and Philly right here. Most people refer to the stench NJ has, that's only in one section I believe on the parkway(or maybe turnpike get them confused often).
Hiya EdMeister, I just found this forum myself. Its got a lot of cool info and cool people. Welcome