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Feb 4, 2008
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Fort Wayne
My Therminator arrived last night and after reading the instructions I think it is going to be a bit higher maintenance than I had originally expected. The cleaning seems pretty easy, backflush with hot water, then soak in star san, backflush again, then toss it in the oven. My question is what temp should I have the oven at? I figure a half hour or so at 350 would be plenty, but I don't know what temp the rubber protective part is rated at.

My other concern is its mounting height. I will be utilizing the gravity feed method. I am building a burner stand and was going to mount the chiller on the side and have that drain into the fermenter. But in the instructions it said it needs to be as low as the bottom of the fermenter. The only reason given was so the chiller would stay completely full of wort to maximize contact. But if I put a valve on the cooled side line to control the flow I should be able to keep the chiller full the whole time. Is there any reason this won't work?