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Aug 3, 2006
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Whitehouse Station, NJ


All four configurations are here... - High end, practical homebrewing hardware, accessories and ingredients for making beer, wine, mead, and cider.
Do these disconnects (specifically the female ends) block flow when separated, or not?

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Nice to see! Though I'm still holding out hope to find a SS female garden-hose to 1/2" NPT adapter so I can keep brass out of my system.... No pressure; I know if anyone can source or produce them it'll likely be you, but I do get the low demand thing.
EDIT: On second thought; That female you just listed might just be what I need!

Another EDIT: I wonder if automated law-enforcement AI's scanning the web might flag "That female you just listed might just be what I need!" ? :p
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Damn you. Seriously tempted to order these for my household garden hoses and get away from the cheap quick connects that corrode and leak within a year or two from the chlorine.
In a nutshell, all of our BLQDs share the following features:

  1. 304 Stainless Steel construction with high temperature silicone seals.
  2. The male part of the QD set has a full 1/2" ID. The only areas of restriction are on the back side of the fitting such as on the 1/2" hose barb.
  3. Unlike camlocks, we cannot guarantee cross vendor compatibility on these. These are being distributed by quite a few retailers but as you would expect, the manufacturer is not ethically willing to divulge the full list.
  4. Note that NONE of these QDs have valved shut offs when disconnected. While such a feature does have its benefits, they have no place in high flow plumbing as they provide significant restriction and turbulence.