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Jul 6, 2011
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The Spike Oxygenation (O2) Kit was specifically designed to provide homebrewers with a simple solution for oxygenating their wort prior to fermentation; Happy yeast = happy beer!

The days of slow or failed fermentations are over, and a giant 10lb oxygen tank is no longer the only solution! Designed to attach to a standard hardware store oxygen tank with precise flow control, your oxygen bottle will last up to 2 hours; saving you time and money!

Feel free to ask us any questions you have and as always we'll be happy to answer them for you.

Coming Fall 2022. Sign up for the pre-order email list by clicking the link below and signing up on the right side!
(We will be giving a few units away to people that sign up as well!)

Oxygenating your wort is crucial to yeast health and ultimately ensuring your home brew reaches its full potential —but there are many ways to do it. Homebrewers use methods ranging from a drill and a paddle, to the good old fashioned shake method and all the way up to using an expensive bulky 10lb tank of oxygen.

The purpose of our Oxygenation Kit is to provide the right combination of parts to ensure the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way to oxygenate confidently for the best yeast performance without spending too much. Here's our Tops 3 Reasons why this kit is a must for your Brew Day:

-Adjustable Flow Regulator-
The Spike O2 kit has an adjustable flow control built right in. After much testing our engineering team has found that setting the flow control to 1/4 LPM (liter/min) for 30sec/gal will provide the perfect amount of oxygen for your wort.

-Built In Pressure Gauge-
The built in pressure gauge will ensure that you never run out of oxygen halfway through a Brew Day. The gauge will indicate when the bottle is getting low which won't be often as each bottle will oxygenate about 200 gallons of beer!

-Use With Any Standard Red Oxygen Tank-
Our O2 kit is specifically designed to fit a standard red oxygen tank that can be purchased at any hardware store. These tanks are inexpensive and the perfect size for out-of-sight storage.

Sign up for the pre-sale by clicking the link on the product page!
Oxygenation Kit | Spike Brewing

That looks really nice, but are these tanks even still being made anymore? I checked Lowes and there's only 3 stores of a dozen or more within 50 miles that have them. Ace Hardware is similar and I can't even find them on Home Depot's site.
Lowes and Home Depot are not selling them anywhere anymore as far as I can tell. It doesn't matter what zip you put in, but here's one in Wisconsin on Home Depot's site.

Lowes and Home Depot are not selling them anywhere anymore as far as I can tell. It doesn't matter what zip you put in, but here's one in Wisconsin on Home Depot's site.
They have definitely been harder to find due to the pandemic however after talking to Bernzomatic it sounds like later this year things should start to ease up. Either way it's even more reason to buy one as it'll make a tank last up to 200 gallons!

Again, harder to find however if you do some searching you can easily snag a bottle or two (if you want an extra).

Local Ace Hardware:

Local Menards:

Local Farm and Fleet:
Farm and Fleet.png
@SpikeBrewing when using the carb stone in a Spike CF series conical... is 1/4 LPM enough pressure to properly oxygenate the wort? Or will it require more pressure?

The 1/4 LPM is just the flow rate. There is more than enough pressure to oxygenate properly. All of our testing was done on actual tanks using actual wort and verified with a DO (dissolved oxygen) meter.
Engineering Q&A video is live! Ryan and Adam discuss all oxygenation options as well as the new Spike Oxygenation Kit. Watch the full video on the Spike YouTube channel below. Oxygen is crucial...and so is our kit.

I have been looking for these oxygen canisters for the past three months in anticipation of the release ot this device. None of the big box store stores in my area have them judging by their online inventory. I found the last one they had at a mom and pop hardware store. I went ahead and ordered the device. Hopefully in the six months it will take to go through a bottle, they will start to become more available.
I got mine today and miraculously my big box store (Lowes) got in a shipment of O2 cylinders for the first time in four months.

I don't always want to use it on my conical, but I guess I can connect a carbonation cap to the ball lock disconnect, and then connect that to a wand.
Grrrrrrr tried again to find one of these oxygen bottles. None on Long Island as far as I can tell. I'm traveling to Boston in a week or so will see if I can get one there.
Some Ace, Lowes and Tractor Supply stores in NW Ohio/SE Michigan have them. There's not a Home Depot within 100 miles that has them. All these companies offer buy online, pick up in store on these so if you find them allegedly in stock, at least you can be sure before you make a trip.