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***NEW PRODUCT*** Cool little 2"TC Carb stone PRE ORDER

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Jul 16, 2006
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Redding Ca
This little 2" TC carb stone uses the replacement 1/4"MFL carb stones you can buy almost everywhere. The stone does stick out past the end of the gasket about 1/8" This will not interfere with your butterfly valve. It's kind of cool so you can attach this to your uni tank or conical after fermentation is done and its not sitting in the tank during that process. I personally am using it to aerate my wort in my conical as well.

We are also building it for 1.5" TC.

It is not on the site yet. IF you want 1 PM me for a "pre listing promo price of $50" SHIPPED I will get you ordering instructions. I will take pre orders till we have it listed on the website. We have a boatload of them built already so your "pre order" will more than likely ship same day.

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