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El Jefe Brewing Company
Sep 18, 2015
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Monterey Bay, California
Guava Peach Pale Ale (it's amazing!)
maris otter 74%
munich 9%
vienna 9%
cara pils 2%
honey malt 2%
crystal 20l 2%
crystal 60l 2%
Whole citra cones for 45min
Whole cascade cones for 15min
Centennial pellets for 5min
Removed hops and trub before chilling
During chilling I added crystal pellets
Once chilled (about 30min, I noted) I removed crystal pellets and fermented on S-05.
After fermentation began I added in peace and guava nectar (I added at day 1 fermentation)

Some fruit on the nose, low bitterness on the palette. Very easy to drink!! Just a clean a$$ beer. Depending on lighting it's easier this lovely orange hue or a darker, more subdued color. I was going for a pale orange borderlining on light brown and in indoor lighting it comes out that way. Outdoor's prettier :)